Firing of the building society  – What can I do?

 People in Germany think housing finance isa safe bet. And the building societies have a very good reputation in terms of reliability and customer orientation. That changed some time ago. For example, the Aachener Bausparkasse does bold and illegal things. And probably those things are unique in the financial sector so far.

At least 6000 contracts have been terminated by them. Members of savings and loans associations have experienced smooth things in the recent years. The regional building societies and private building societies hahthrown hundreds of thousands building savers out of the door and in the most cases even rightly, as the courts decided.

 But this time the whole thing is completely different at Aachener Bausparkasse. The reason is the “disruption of business basis“ due to the phase of low interest rates that has lasted for years. Interesting attempt, which is not right. So this is not how it works! The Federal Supreme Court, the Regional Courts of Celle, Karlsruhe and Stuttgart as well as the Regional Court of Aachen ruled in fine agreement that home loan and saving contracts may not be terminated because of low interest rates on the capital markets.

 What would be if every building society, bank and every insurance company could do what they want? Fortunately, for every member of savings and loans associations there are enough ways to avoid the bold attempts of the Aachener Bausparkasse and secure the attractive interest rates offered by the old contracts.

 Defend yourself as quickly as possible and do something about it. Efficiently with us at your side. Because Help24 fights for your right. The lawyers who work with us agree on this point: The resistance against the mass expulsion is worth the money. Thanks to Help24’s expertise, you can thus continue to benefit from the high credit interest rate of 2% plus bonus if you waive your loan, instead of 0.15 % interest at the rate offered to you by Aachener Bausparkasse.