How to find a good lawyer ?


Here you can find out how you can find a good lawyer. Nobody knows if a lawyer is really good. And if he really does know his trade: What do you think of such an expert? The Help24 consumer portal knows its way around. Here are the best tips for your lawyer search. Of course, we also help you directly with your search.

 Find a good lawyer. What is a lawyer allowed to do?

 As a rule, every lawyer has a special legal knowledge. As a potential client, however, you do not know whether this is exactly the knowledge that is needed in your case. In principle, however, a lawyer should not represent a client who wishes to conduct a lawsuit solely in order to harm someone or personally harass another person. Instead, the lawyer should, indeed must, Analyse the situation and determine whether there are good reasons for promising legal disputes. This includes not least that he informs his clients objectively whether a legal dispute makes sense at all or is likely to end up like the Hornberger Schießen.

 Experiences of friends, acquaintances and colleagues

 One way to find the right lawyer is to conduct research among friends and acquaintances. But this is not without risk. The lawyer recommended by a friend may have experience in tenancy law, but not necessarily in investor law.

 In addition, the experience of an acquaintance, friend or colleague may have been years ago. You also do not know whether the lawyer is still working well. Therefore a tip: Be absolutely critical. You should also receive answers to the following questions: How many cases has the lawyer already handled, as your case is? Has the lawyer been working in this field of law for a long time? Ho long it is registered? What does the lawyer look like to the outside world?

 What are the costs for a lawyer?

Caution when lawyers pretend to be “cheap“ Do not kid yourself. Lawyers are neither “cheap“ nor they work for free. Lawyers’ fees are regulated by law. As a rule, a lawyer can not determine them freely. Unless he agrees an individual fee with his client on an hourly basis. The Lawyers’ Fees Act (LFA) regulates which fees a lawyer licensed in Germany may charge in particular for his legal work. Important: Ultimately, only advice before a legal dispute is negotiable. In detail, this includes services provided by a lawyer before he contacts the other party.

 Of course, if you are a “bargain hunter“, you should ask for the costs when making an appointment by phone. A good lawyer, however, will not be able to quantify them until he knows what it is all about. Ask therefore for a free initial consultation and personal acquaintance.